Happiness Is Overrated

Quick, when was the last time you were happy? An hour ago? The other day? I last felt like I could die without regrets about three days ago, in the evening, while my husband and I were having our pre-dinner beer. No particular reason for it, just one of those moments when everything is just right. And I’m convinced the most precious aspect of these moments is, erm, their momentariness. Continue reading Happiness Is Overrated


The Situation

This is a little people-trapped-together story I wrote a couple of years ago and included in a short story collection I first published and then unpublished on Amazon when I realised there was such a thing as magazines and anthologies out there that would give my stories a much better chance of being read by more than the five people who’d buy an unmarketed, unadvertised self-published collection. Continue reading The Situation

A Very Lost Generation Indeed

“Millennials are Killing [Fill in the blank].” “Boomers Retire, Millennials To Take Over.” “How Millennials Will Save the World After Boomers Ruined It.” I made these up but we’ve all seen thousands of headlines along these lines. Notice anything missing? No? Then you’re either a baby boomer or a millennial. Continue reading A Very Lost Generation Indeed

The End

I did it. I finished the first draft of what was supposed to be a series of stories but turned into a novel. I. Finished. It. Now I feel like celebrating for a week. Or make that a month while the draft matures because I can’t wait to get my hands on it and edit the crap out of it. But I digress. It’s endings I meant to write about, not editings. So, endings. Continue reading The End

19 Resolutions for 2019: Pyjamas

I’m not sure if I’ve said it already but when I was making 2019 resolutions last year I made an executive decision to keep them as real as possible. None of that “Eat more healthy food”, “Stop smoking”, “Win a Pulitzer” stuff. Only things I am actually capable of doing, I told myself. Just the stuff I know how to do without needing supernatural help. Continue reading 19 Resolutions for 2019: Pyjamas

Words, Not Love, Will Tear Us Apart

I’ve been seeing a certain neologism increasingly often recently. The neologism is neurodiverse and as far as I understand it is a nice, non-offensive way to say somebody has a mental condition that may or may not be subject to medical diagnosis. That’s unless the somebody is Donald Trump, who is a plain idiot because nobody likes him and it’s okay to use offensive language on him because he uses offensive language on everyone. Fair. Continue reading Words, Not Love, Will Tear Us Apart

All Write. No Read.

The other day I saw someone on Twitter complain that they’re not getting their stories published because they don’t fit in with publishers’ ideas on how writing should be done. For a second, I empathised. We’ve all been there, right? We’ve all had stories we think are exactly what a magazine or an anthology publisher is looking for in their call for submissions and… they reject it. Continue reading All Write. No Read.