A glance back at a year full of lessons

One more year is ending, which is my favourite time of every year. It’s my personal Thanksgiving period, the last ten days of the year. It’s the time I recap the past 355 days and make tentative plans for the next 355 days. But this year has been special because the last time I learned so many things, not necessarily new, must have been at high school, which was quite a while back. Continue reading A glance back at a year full of lessons


19 Resolutions for 2019: Pyjamas

I’m not sure if I’ve said it already but when I was making 2019 resolutions last year I made an executive decision to keep them as real as possible. None of that “Eat more healthy food”, “Stop smoking”, “Win a Pulitzer” stuff. Only things I am actually capable of doing, I told myself. Just the stuff I know how to do without needing supernatural help. Continue reading 19 Resolutions for 2019: Pyjamas