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We Have a Situation

I see I haven’t posted in this blog in, well, almost a year. Of course, the reason is always the same — I’ve been busy. Busy writing, basically, and here is the result of some of that writing: nine new stories that I really loved writing. Continue reading We Have a Situation


So I went and did it

by Irina Slav

The man_CoverI remember my first piece of creative writing — it was a poem about the snow and I wrote it some time in second or third grade. Then I got too busy with other things but when puberty hit, so did inspiration. I went through the more or less mandatory stage of poetry but fortunately it didn’t last too long. Mostly, though, I wrote stories and non-fiction, pretty much blog stuff. And I was very private about it, which was easy because in those days I didn’t have the temptation of putting my writing on the internet. Continue reading So I went and did it