The joy of book research

“There is no delusional idea held by the mentally ill which cannot be exceeded in its absurdity by the conviction of fanatics, either individually or en masse.” Continue reading The joy of book research

Sky High 40: Going Home

“Mike! Michael! Where are you? Mike!” Bianca tripped and almost fell on an outcrop, managing to prop herself on her hands at the last moment. Her breaths came in short sharp bursts of air. “Michael,” she panted as she got back on her feet. Continue reading Sky High 40: Going Home


Sky High 39: Inbetween

She was in her bed and the light from the window was tickling her eyes. Bianca cracked one open. Morning. Bright sunny morning. She opened both eyes now and turned on her side. Michael’s pillow was empty. Continue reading Sky High 39: Inbetween

Sky High 38: Out of the Fog, into the Void

They were in complete synchrony. There was no need for Bianca to instruct him when to prepare for takeoff. He felt the plane as deeply as she did. And it made the load of it lighter as with a deeper roar the engines propelled the plane into the air and more of the milky fog. Continue reading Sky High 38: Out of the Fog, into the Void

Sky High 37: Fly This Mamma Bird

“Okay, what do we do?”

Captain Imran was all business when he returned to his seat in the cockpit. He grabbed the yoke and looked up to Bianca. Continue reading Sky High 37: Fly This Mamma Bird

Sky High 36: A Vanishing Act

Bianca glanced at the closed door of the cockpit. The sensation that something wasn’t right sharpened and twisted inside her.

“And you’ve been suspended here for how long? Any idea?” Continue reading Sky High 36: A Vanishing Act

Sky High 35: A Mystery

A knock on the door made them all turn their heads. Bianca opened to see Samantha, with Marcello peering from behind her. He seemed to always be around her as if she could protect him from any unfortunate turn of events. Continue reading Sky High 35: A Mystery

Sky High 34: The Lost Flight

Bianca snatched her shirt from the ground, put it on and started buttoning. Michael pulled his underwear and trousers on with no rush, leaving his own shirt last. Continue reading Sky High 34: The Lost Flight

Sky High 33: There’s Always Next Time

Samantha lost hold of Michael’s left arm and he used it to push back at Rob while Samantha tried to grab it again. Gary slipped out of his row of seats and went to stand next to Marcello. There were now two Vitruvian men at the mouth of the tunnel. Continue reading Sky High 33: There’s Always Next Time

Sky High 32: Winning Time

The line of passengers was thinning, the crowd turned into a trickle of people and then there were none left. Rob sat on the nearest seat and rubbed his forehead. Marcello, the Anglican priest, peered into the tunnel. Continue reading Sky High 32: Winning Time