A glance back at a year full of lessons

One more year is ending, which is my favourite time of every year. It’s my personal Thanksgiving period, the last ten days of the year. It’s the time I recap the past 355 days and make tentative plans for the next 355 days. But this year has been special because the last time I learned so many things, not necessarily new, must have been at high school, which was quite a while back. Continue reading A glance back at a year full of lessons


Holiday season, free book season

I haven’t been around for a while now and that’s putting it mildly but it’s been a very busy time for me professionally. I hope this would change in the near future and I hope there would be things to write about but right now, I’m just popping in for book-peddling purposes.

My publishers and I are doing a promotion for The Dreamer as befits holiday season, giving away free copies of the e-book to everyone looking for something to read in these, yet again, trying times. The process is so simple even I can understand it so you really have no excuse for not taking advantage of this gloriously unique reading opportunity.

P.S. I do need to work on my marketing lingo, I know. Happy holidays to everyone and I’ll see you next year!

The Entrepreneur-to-be


I met the Entrepreneur-to-be online, in a work project and I’d confidently say that he’s one of the sweetest and most persuasive people I know. That’s a dangerous combination, such people can make you do stuff you never thought you’d want to do and like it (especially since you get paid for it)! He’s a great motivator and a great optimist, and I can only wish him that he never loses either of these. Continue reading The Entrepreneur-to-be

The Ethnologist

VaneVanya is an ethnologist. Yes, I don’t really know what this is either. Google it, it’s interesting. But she’s not just the degree she has. She’s one of the most violently positive people I know and I mean violently! She has no truck with any kind of hypocrisy whatsoever, and as if this is no reason enough to admire her, she is also a great cook and an excellent teacher. A children’s teacher, no less. say what you will, I firmly believe these things take a very special talent and since I don’t have it and never will, I admire the ones who do. Continue reading The Ethnologist

The Fashion Editor

YoYoanna is one of those rare individuals who were born to do something specific and were smart enough to realise it early on and work to achieve it. She’s a complete encyclopedia of dresses, suits, shoes and whatnot when it comes to red carpets, and she’s also shockingly well versed in hot TV series and films. Plus she reads voraciously, whenever she finds the time. A true media girl and intelligent, at that. Continue reading The Fashion Editor

The EFL Teacher

MartaMartina, as you can see, looks like she earns her living on a catwalk but she’s in fact a teacher. An EFL teacher. Just writing these words a cold shiver runs down my spine. I am absolutely terrified of teaching. I’m crap at explaining things, especially things like language. Teaching is for me the absolute horror job, but wait to see Martina’s perspective. That’s what I call real, blessed passion, and she’s passionate in everything she does. Continue reading The EFL Teacher

The Visual Effects Artist

MuryMury has been CGI-ing actively for some time now and she says she loves it, which doesn’t stop her from complaining about the inadequacies of some of the people she has to work with. And by the way, she does her work in passing from one part of Europe to another, she’s literally unstoppable when it comes to travelling.

Continue reading The Visual Effects Artist

The Translator

I’m starting a new category where I’ll post short profiles of people who love their job and can tell you why exactly they love it. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Da Pootz

AngeAngelina is a long-time translator and interpreter. She speaks about four languages but being shy, she’d rather not admit just how fluent she is. Here’s what she had to say about herself. Continue reading The Translator