Holiday season, free book season

I haven’t been around for a while now and that’s putting it mildly but it’s been a very busy time for me professionally. I hope this would change in the near future and I hope there would be things to write about but right now, I’m just popping in for book-peddling purposes.

My publishers and I are doing a promotion for The Dreamer as befits holiday season, giving away free copies of the e-book to everyone looking for something to read in these, yet again, trying times. The process is so simple even I can understand it so you really have no excuse for not taking advantage of this gloriously unique reading opportunity.

P.S. I do need to work on my marketing lingo, I know. Happy holidays to everyone and I’ll see you next year!


One thought on “Holiday season, free book season”

  1. Sorry, missed this..
    Just catching up after long tern Arwen chaos and arm twisting a roofer again.
    Chimney, this time, and only render, but in huge chunks., not a great idea if they hit anyone.
    Reserving judgement re the likeliness of happiness in 2022…
    Rationed, perhaps, by the minute ? , I’d settle for that.

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