A Profound Look at the Future

That the past twenty or so months have been hard on everyone except billionaires, who got richer, is hardly news. I guess many of us didn’t know exactly how hard these months will be and perhaps only the best among us, pessimism experts, foresaw how long the hard part will last. What was news to me, was just how deep you could descend into the pit of pessimism. Continue reading A Profound Look at the Future


Sit-Down Comedy: Torture Chamber

I have a confession to make. I did something borderline violent a couple of months ago. And I was ready to cross that border into violence, gladly, if given the chance. Luckily for all parties involved it didn’t come to that. Continue reading Sit-Down Comedy: Torture Chamber

When Brain Means Enemy

I was taking Little C. to school the other day when we ran into one of her first-grade teachers, about 200 meters from the school gates. She offered to take C. the rest of the way so I could go home. Naturally, I agreed. C. said “Goodbye Mrs… I mean mum” and off they went. So did I, in the opposite direction, thinking how wonderfully perfect Mrs. K. was. It lasted for about a second and a half. Continue reading When Brain Means Enemy


I’ve always been a staunch opponent to metaphors comparing people to machines. It could be because of my not exactly positive opinion of the behavioural school of psychology (the original one) but anyone telling me they’re going to X place in nature to “recharge their batteries” is asking for it. And yet I must admit there is something we share with machines. The need for downtime. Continue reading Downtime

Why We Don’t Eat Our Young

I remember Little C’s shock when I told her spiders eat their young. I had to — there was the spider and all around it were the dead bodies of tiny little spiders. She got another of those shocks the other day when her father explained how young fish need to be separated from their parents so they don’t eat them. That’s life for you, darling, animals eat their young. The two reasons we don’t is that we have a concept of cuteness and because our young can say “Mummy, I love you.”

Continue reading Why We Don’t Eat Our Young

Who Said Multitasking Was Dead?

I remember reading somewhere a few years ago that there was actually no such thing as successful multitasking. The more things you do at the same time, the less focused you are on any one of them, which understandably leads to poor results. I knew it, I thought then, it never made any sense anyway. But look at me now. Continue reading Who Said Multitasking Was Dead?

Country Life: the Self-Isolation

I was going to make this a picture-heavy post, for a change, but it started raining and then it turned to snow, so I gave up my plans to go do some (almost essential) shopping and stayed at home. I mean, mud is annoying enough but freezing mud and sleet is beyond annoying. Continue reading Country Life: the Self-Isolation

Persimmon Jam and a Goat

I failed to make any resolutions for the new year this, that is last, year. I had no time. Unlike 2018, when I had time for as many as nineteen NY resolutions, in 2019 I turned out to be too busy. Also, I decided that NY resolutions are stupid. Of course I never kept all of those nineteen resolutions in made for 2019. But I have plans for the new year. I have plans all right. Continue reading Persimmon Jam and a Goat

Country Life: The Beginning

When I was a child, there was a tradition among city-dwellers to have a cottage in the country, a place to go when the pressures of urban life became too strong. My family had a little place like that, too, with a shack instead of a house because my parents couldn’t afford to build a house, and what at the time looked to me like a huge garden. Continue reading Country Life: The Beginning

The One Parenting Advice that Works

My daughter started taking ice-skating lessons three years ago, when she was four and passionately wanted to become a hockey player (because of Inside Out). I was naturally very excited about it, especially after I saw her go on the ice for the first time ever and learn how to stand and move on the skates in a matter of minutes without supervision. Also without falling. Continue reading The One Parenting Advice that Works