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All the things that make you feel less human, more consumer. Anything from fracking to interactive storefronts.

A reminder

Well, dear people, this blog seems to have 32 followers now, with less than ten posts, which I deeply appreciate and hopefully deserve. The way I see it, that’s 32 potential contributors. If you recall, the idea behind this blog was for a group effort — no, strike that — group entertainment. So, contribute! If you don’t know what it’s all about, scroll down to the welcome post, I don’t want to make it too easy for you.

Thanks, everyone!

Da Pootz


Stuff it, Brand

by Irina Slav

Note: May contain strong language

I can’t abide arrogance in any form, which is why as soon as I read this I felt compelled to say a couple of things on the subject, or rather subjects. Continue reading Stuff it, Brand

A word on discrimination

by Irina Slav

I came across this the other day and after the initial spark of irritation at yet another baseless whine about discrimination, I skimmed the text until I got to the “conclusive case” against Chomsky. That did it, I burst out laughing. Continue reading A word on discrimination

Interactive can anyone?

by Irina Slav

I hear interactive storefronts are the coming thing — they can help you stock up a cart and then just go in and get what you’ve bought, or, better still, have it delivered without even bothering to enter an actual store. Continue reading Interactive can anyone?

Celebrity dies, world stares at his dead face

by Irina Slav

Say a prayer for journalism, if you’re religious. Or maybe not, because what’s trending right now for Paul Walker is beyond anything a normal human being would consider allowable. Continue reading Celebrity dies, world stares at his dead face


Hey you,

Welcome to this cozy little place that aims to inform and entertain.       Above all, it aims to remind you that you’re a human being and not a machine made for the purpose of consuming all that comes into its reach. The zombie apocalypse is happening and the reason we’re not noticing is that it’s happening quietly. Sounds bonkers, doesn’t it? So, when’s the last time you indulged in shopping therapy? Doesn’t this sound like a paradox? Healing through buying. Think about it and get back to me with your thoughts, whatever they are, including your firm belief that shopping has saved your sanity. There are two sides to everything and I’m always ready to hear — and publish — both of them. Unless, that is, you’re convinced that changing your smartphone twice a month is vital for universal balance and that fracking is the most environmentally friendly oil extraction method, or some such absurdity. Otherwise, feel free to propose arguments in support of your views, whatever they are.

Aside from the fact that we live in a sort of horror movie, life’s still fun and it’s fair to acknowledge it. Okay, maybe things aren’t that bad if there are still people out there who’d rather do something instead of buy something to feel happy. Any ideas are welcome. In fact, save for brand promotion, there’s a place here for anything you feel strongly about and want to share. Browse the categories (place cursor on category name to see what it’s about) and find the most suitable one for what you want to say. Then sit down and write it. Try to be coherent and error-free. When you’re ready, send you write-up to the e-mail address I’ve put in the About section and I’ll publish it for you, if it is coherent, interesting and doesn’t go against the idea of this blog. I’m nice, don’t worry. Author’s name or nick, whichever you prefer, will be included, of course.

See you soon,

Da Pootz