The Importance of Sleep

I feel the need to note in advance this is a parenting post, featuring a lot of baby pictures. I think they’re hilarious but if you don’t enjoy baby pics, feel free to give it a pass, that’s totally okay. Now, on to the topic.

That sleep is important is something we all learn one way or another, most commonly when we experience some extent of sleep deprivation. When this deprivation combines with excessive noise levels, which is what often happens to new parents, you really begin to appreciate sleep, and not just your sleep. No. You begin to appreciate the sleep of your very own noise machine.

I suspect I’m not the only one whose appreciation very quickly turned into reverence, which was manifested as leaving Cat sleep wherever she fell asleep.  I could never do the sing-a-song/tell a story routine for the day nap. First, because she was too young to pay attention to stories (we tried) and second, because I don’t know any lullabies. I just let her do her thing and fall asleep when she got tired. It worked like a charm and it naturally made for some funny pictures I lovingly collected and will now post here, so she can be mad at me when she grows up.

Yep. Sleeping. It looks totally uncomfortable and I guess many soft-hearted people would have an urge to help the baby be more comfortable but when I saw her like this I figured if she fell asleep in this position, it can’t be that uncomfortable. Also she didn’t wake up crying.

The whole floor was this baby’s bed, what can I say. I’m sure she’s not the only connoiseur of this particular space.

This looks like she accidentally fell asleep while she was walking, right? That’s exactly what happened, more than once. It’s amazing how toddlers fall asleep in one second flat. I envied her, of course.

Got tired mid-play. Fell asleep on her own leg. No, it didn’t bother her.

I suppose this picture may upset someone. The nap, however, certainly did not upset Cat. I did think about moving her. I studied my options and none of them seemed to involve not waking her up. So I left her there. It was warm, the radiator was only on during the night.

You’d think she would grow out of it, wouldn’t you? She eventually did but I think it’s because she outgrew daytime naps.

What did I say about the floor? Add cushions and it’s as good as a bed. Apparently.

Yes, this actually looks painful. It seems it wasn’t, though. She did wake up quite soon after she dozed off, so this is a memorable moment, in a way: the moment when Cat showed signs of being able to feel discomfort when she naps. They grow up so fast, eh?

As you can see here, Cat is not just short for Catherine. She had an excellent napping mentor in Victor (pictured above) and she was obviously a good student.

This is from two years ago, probably one of her very last kid naps caused by physical exhaustion. She was old enough to go up to her room and, you know, bed. She didn’t.

That concludes this blog post on the importance of sleep. I guess most parents have similar picture collections and sometimes look at them and smile and sigh for the good old times when the kids were just toddlers and no trouble at all… Yeah, right, like toddler is not a synonym for trouble. But they are cute in their sleep. That’s not least because they are quiet and the quiet allows this cuteness to shine through.

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