A Profound Look Back at the Week: July 20-26

Isn’t it fun that while we’re panting with the heat up here in the northern hemisphere, children in the southern one just had their winter break? Oh, and did you know that Australian schools have four instead of two terms? Well, you probably do if you are Australian, but I didn’t until I googled it. Fascinating. This is what I call a strong start to the blog. Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: July 20-26

A Profound Look Back at the Week: May 4-8

May is in full swing after a few false steps necessitating the unseasonal use of the heating and all is reasonably well. Bars and restaurants have opened their gardens and people have crawled out. It could’ve been worse. Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: May 4-8

Who Said Multitasking Was Dead?

I remember reading somewhere a few years ago that there was actually no such thing as successful multitasking. The more things you do at the same time, the less focused you are on any one of them, which understandably leads to poor results. I knew it, I thought then, it never made any sense anyway. But look at me now. Continue reading Who Said Multitasking Was Dead?

“It’s Never Too Late”? Wrong.

“It’s never too late” is a piece of advice we’ve all heard. It’s the go-to, all-purpose encouragement chant. Well, that chant is wrong. It’s also counterproductive. Continue reading “It’s Never Too Late”? Wrong.

What Day Was It Today Again?

I’m a time traveller. That’s right and I don’t even try. True, I only travel short distances but travel I do. Today, for instance, I woke up in the certainty it was Wednesday, which it was, but a few hours later I developed another certainty, that it’s actually Thursday. And that’s just a minor trip. Continue reading What Day Was It Today Again?

A Time to Write

I’m sitting at my desk, “Don’t Play with Guns” is playing, and I’m typing word after word on my desktop, waiting for the tea to get ready to be drunk. It’s dark outside, not a single light is on in any of the apartment blocks around. As far as I’m concerned, the rest of the world is dead and I’m alone and free to do whatever I please. It’s 4 am. Continue reading A Time to Write

Why I never iron

by Irina Slav

Two reasons: I don’t need disinfecting my clothes because I have a washing machine that does that, and I find this absolutely the most tedious thing a person could do to waste their time. Continue reading Why I never iron