Books and how to treat them

A librarian friend of mine hurt me deeply this week when she said libraries do something called ‘weeding”, which is exactly what it sounds like — rounding up old, damaged, and unpopular books and — yes, gasp — throwing them away. Continue reading Books and how to treat them


A Profound Look Back at the Week: November 2-8

To say this has been an eventful week is to say that Terry Pratchett is an alright writer. I’m writing this on Sunday morning and I still expect something else to happen and further fray my nerves. Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: November 2-8

Hello Voice, Are You There?

Those of the writing breed who have ever dared the Path of the Query have seen that every publisher worth their salt — and even those not worth any — wants what they usually call a unique voice. Now, the dominant school of thought these days teaches us that each and every one of us is born unique and this is probably true in some ways. In others, however, we need to work to develop that uniqueness and this is especially true when it comes to the author’s voice. Continue reading Hello Voice, Are You There?

The Healing Books

I’m sure everyone has a go-to author — or authors — for when they are not feeling their best. For me, this used to be P. G. Wodehouse, for years. Then I started discovering other authors or rather realising that besides being great books, their works also had an effect on me I could only call healing or, if you prefer a less New Age-y way of putting it, de-stressing. Here they are in no particular order. Continue reading The Healing Books

11 Fun Things To Do in the Homepocalypse

So, everyone’s staying at home for a change and the positive effects of that are already visible on an air quality map of Europe I saw earlier today. For me, staying at home is nothing new but I can understand many people might be getting frustrated out there, so I came up with a list of 11 — because that’s my favourite number for no discernible reason — fun things to do while you Do What’s Right. Continue reading 11 Fun Things To Do in the Homepocalypse

A Profound Look Back at the Week: January 27-31

Well, that was all from January and what a January it has been. All the horsemen of the Apocalypse dropped by except Famine because Famine’s never left. And that’s just the start of the year. Isn’t this exciting? Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: January 27-31

The Big Chore

If I ever had to make a profile on a dating website — and if my idea of how such profiles tend to look is accurate — it would probably say something along these lines: Writes a lot. Reads a lot. Swears a lot. Doesn’t clean house. Hates laundry. Enjoys cooking and takes half-empty plates personally. Continue reading The Big Chore

10 Books You Must Read

There are books everyone must read in their life. Brilliant, genius books you simply need to experience so you can have a fuller, more meaningful life and fewer regrets on your deathbed. Here are ten of these books, although the list is far from exhaustive. Continue reading 10 Books You Must Read

All Write. No Read.

The other day I saw someone on Twitter complain that they’re not getting their stories published because they don’t fit in with publishers’ ideas on how writing should be done. For a second, I empathised. We’ve all been there, right? We’ve all had stories we think are exactly what a magazine or an anthology publisher is looking for in their call for submissions and… they reject it. Continue reading All Write. No Read.

It’s Not The What It’s The How

Or why crime and thriller writers shouldn’t hate those who always read the last page before they’ve read the book so much. At least not all of them. Continue reading It’s Not The What It’s The How