A Profound Look Back at the Week: February 8-14

It has been another relatively uneventful week and I am extremely pleased to say this. Uneventful is good. Of course, there’s no such thing as all good, so this uneventfulness has made it a bit harder for me to pick what to write about in this round-up of weekly profundities but I’m not complaining. There’s always something profound happening if you look hard enough. Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: February 8-14


A Very Lost Generation Indeed

“Millennials are Killing [Fill in the blank].” “Boomers Retire, Millennials To Take Over.” “How Millennials Will Save the World After Boomers Ruined It.” I made these up but we’ve all seen thousands of headlines along these lines. Notice anything missing? No? Then you’re either a baby boomer or a millennial. Continue reading A Very Lost Generation Indeed