The Simplest Way to Market Books

Book marketing is tough. I know because I’ve tried it and I’m still trying. The choice of what some like to call marketing tools is stunning. There are also thousands of people ready to help you with what is effectively your war effort — a war on global oblivion of your brilliant work of art. However, there’s a much simpler way. Continue reading The Simplest Way to Market Books


A Profound Look Back at the Last Full Week of 2020

Excess season is upon us and will stay upon us for another week, which is great. We all need a bit of excess from time to time. The only problem with it is that with age the amount of relatively safe excess shrinks while the price you pay for it in hangovers and heartburns increases and this is the most profound message I could scrape off my holiday brain. Life is very unfair. Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Last Full Week of 2020


I’ve always been a staunch opponent to metaphors comparing people to machines. It could be because of my not exactly positive opinion of the behavioural school of psychology (the original one) but anyone telling me they’re going to X place in nature to “recharge their batteries” is asking for it. And yet I must admit there is something we share with machines. The need for downtime. Continue reading Downtime

A Profound Look Back at the Week: Mar 23-27

This week’s been smoother overall and also busier, which I will in no way complain about because having work is good right now and not everyone is lucky to have it. Anyway, in a world where there is still just one single thing happening — with all the trimmings such as a rage against celebrities (well done, world) and fears of dictatorship — I accidentally happened upon something profound. Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: Mar 23-27

We Want to Invest in Your Book

Anyone who’s had any experience whatsoever with publishing, even with a single short story or a poem, must have acquired the kind of uneasy feeling that this is a sea full of sharks and other life forms that do not exactly have your best interests at heart. Sadly, it seems that sooner or later most of us run into these life forms. Continue reading We Want to Invest in Your Book

So I Wrote This Book…

… and now I’m supposed to promote it. That would not be problem at all for someone who knows a thing or two about marketing, or who is bursting with the confidence that they’ve written a timeless classic/bestseller. Unfortunately, I’m neither. Continue reading So I Wrote This Book…

Interactive can anyone?

by Irina Slav

I hear interactive storefronts are the coming thing — they can help you stock up a cart and then just go in and get what you’ve bought, or, better still, have it delivered without even bothering to enter an actual store. Continue reading Interactive can anyone?