A Profound Look Back at the Week: October 19-25

You know that chilly smell that begins to seep through doors and windows in late October and early November? It’s sharp and it promises below-zero temperatures. Yep, the smell of winter, with a hint of burning wood from the fireplaces of those romantic enough to believe it can kill the cold. Winter is — and I know this will eventually get old but it still hasn’t — coming. (Fun fact: I’m not even a GoT fan. I can take it or leave it. But this is the most wonderfully ominous sentence I’ve come across in a long while, so there.) Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: October 19-25

This Summer’s Top Pet Peeves

What better time to make a roundup of the words and phrases that have made my life a little bit more interesting so far this year than mid-July when nothing happens. Normally. Some of those are all-time favourites and others are new crushes but I love them all. Continue reading This Summer’s Top Pet Peeves

Impacting Affects

When I first saw the word impact used as a verb (I was working as a news editor at the time) I changed it immediately, without even thinking… Okay, that was a lie. I thought “Seriously? What’s next, affectationate?” Continue reading Impacting Affects

Words, Not Love, Will Tear Us Apart

I’ve been seeing a certain neologism increasingly often recently. The neologism is neurodiverse and as far as I understand it is a nice, non-offensive way to say somebody has a mental condition that may or may not be subject to medical diagnosis. That’s unless the somebody is Donald Trump, who is a plain idiot because nobody likes him and it’s okay to use offensive language on him because he uses offensive language on everyone. Fair. Continue reading Words, Not Love, Will Tear Us Apart

Lift Your Eyebrows, Glance Here Briefly

Did this title cause you pain? I sincerely apologize but I had to make a point. It’s a very important point in a world where we’re all writers and it comes down to this: respect language. It is your weapon of choice, so wield it wisely lest you cut yourself or kill a story. Continue reading Lift Your Eyebrows, Glance Here Briefly