A Profound Look Back at the Week: August 23-29

It pleases me immensely to report that this year, for the first time in possibly forever but certainly in years, I had the pleasure of seeing the first signs of autumn in August. Yes, I noticed the “pleases” and “pleasure” and I couldn’t care less. It’s coming! Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: August 23-29

One-Style-Fits-All: The Worst Advice Ever

I sent a query the other day and got quickly rejected because the size of my book exceeded their maximum. In addition to this perfectly sense-making reason I also got a list of writing tips to improve my writing. It made me feel extremely bad for about a second. Continue reading One-Style-Fits-All: The Worst Advice Ever

Ik Speak Mange Разные Limbe Molto Bene

Let me see now. Since I started studying Russian in the second grade I must have tried learning about half a dozen languages. I only mastered one, mastering here meaning I achieved a reasonable level of fluency. As for the rest, hope springs eternal.

Continue reading Ik Speak Mange Разные Limbe Molto Bene

This Summer’s Top Pet Peeves

What better time to make a roundup of the words and phrases that have made my life a little bit more interesting so far this year than mid-July when nothing happens. Normally. Some of those are all-time favourites and others are new crushes but I love them all. Continue reading This Summer’s Top Pet Peeves