Just keep swimming

You know how sometimes the things you normally enjoy doing stop bringing you joy and how it all starts looking meaningless because, really, what’s the point of anything when you can’t change the world to be more accommodative? Of course you do because we’ve all been there. The big question is how we wade out of this pool of misery. Continue reading Just keep swimming


Ungreat Your Expectations

I had a horrible dream the other night and when I say horrible I mean the kind of horrible that leaves you in tears when you wake up. That bad. What it was about? Well, it was about an editor I’d approached in waking reality to help make “The Lamiastriga” her best self. In that dream, this editor emailed me politely declining my request, saying — still politely — that the manuscript was so badly written she would have to effectively write a new one and that was more than she was willing to do. Continue reading Ungreat Your Expectations