A Profound Look Back at the Week: February 17-21

The first signs of spring are in the air in my part of the world and though it’s a bit early in February, I don’t mind it, too fed up with having to wear a dozen layers of clothing when I go out in the morning. It’s not that cold — we’ve got nothing on Canada, northern Russia or the States — but it is unpleasantly cold and it’s been cold for long enough. Enter spring! And close the door behind you because draught kills. Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: February 17-21



My web browser has been getting on my nerves lately. The company that’s made it is obviously — way too obviously — doing something with it again and I, on the other hand, are beginning to get fed up with this. I’m sure they believe they are trying to make life easier for a lot of users of this browser (and their cloud services) but I. Have Had. Enough. And there is nothing I can do, which kind of spoils the effect of the slashed up sentence above but, again, there is nothing I can do. Continue reading Outlier