Would You Kill To Live Forever?

A fellow twitterer with the kind of dark bend I respect as much as a no-boundaries sense of humour posted a poll with this question — and the condition that you could choose who you kill — and I answered honestly. After all, I just published a book whose main character kills her own son whom she loves deeply to gain eternal life… and the power to save a doomed city. The results of the poll were quite evenly split, which is understandable, I suppose, but my honest opinion cost me two followers. Continue reading Would You Kill To Live Forever?


The Bullet Part 2

Gareth was tall and lanky and blond, with deep-set green eyes, and he looked my age, early twenties. He also looked like the last person to know anything about gunshot or any other wounds. And he seemed to have a case of the sniffles, which, I was sure, was not caused by a virus. Continue reading The Bullet Part 2

The Bullet Part 1

This is perhaps the longest short story I’ve written so far, which is why I’ve divided it into two parts. Like most of my stories, it grew from a dream kernel. I’ve only ever submitted it once and I got detailed feedback on it that reminded me yet again how subjective the perception of fiction could be. This story spawned another one I’ll be publishing later and I liked the two main characters so much they’re in Eleven Doors. Continue reading The Bullet Part 1