A Profound Look Back at the Week: October 19-25

You know that chilly smell that begins to seep through doors and windows in late October and early November? It’s sharp and it promises below-zero temperatures. Yep, the smell of winter, with a hint of burning wood from the fireplaces of those romantic enough to believe it can kill the cold. Winter is — and I know this will eventually get old but it still hasn’t — coming. (Fun fact: I’m not even a GoT fan. I can take it or leave it. But this is the most wonderfully ominous sentence I’ve come across in a long while, so there.) Continue reading A Profound Look Back at the Week: October 19-25


Sit-Down Comedy: The Silent Killer

A virus or a bacteria is probably the first thought one has when confronted with the “silent killer” cliche. Or poison, possibly. But I’m not talking about any of these. I mean, who knows if bacteria or other microorganisms can’t produce noise? The result of their work often does and I’m thinking yeast here, not what you think I think. Anyway, The Silent Killer that haunted my childhood and for reasons of an unfortunate choice in life partner still haunts me now is not a microorganism. Or a poison. It is invisible. Scared yet? Continue reading Sit-Down Comedy: The Silent Killer