Who I am

SkullFri Irina Slav/Da Pootz

I’m a chronic writer whose condition is aggravated by a strong tendency to edit not just her own work but also other people’s. To make things even worse, I’ve found that as time goes by I tend to lose my tolerance for some things, like patent stupidity and arrogant ignorance but gain some more tolerance for other things, like viewpoints radically different from my own. I guess that’s called growing up, though I don’t think I’ll be able to say I’ve grown up until I’m in my fifties, I still get fascinated by too many things.

I don’t have may firm beliefs, but the three I do have are very firm: family comes before work, feeling without thinking causes as much suffering as thinking without feeling, and Nature is just. I often sound argumentative and that’s because I’m always ready for a good discussion. The reason I sound so caustic when I write about things that piss me off is — apart from the obvious fact of the piss-off — that I try to challenge those who read to supply another angle of looking at the issue. I like discussions, I said that already, they help me keep my brain active. One final thing I believe is that brevity makes for clarity, which is why I’ll stop here.


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