A Profound Look Back at the Week: September 13-19

I am an adult. This may be stating the obvious for some but for me it is a declaration I vowed to myself I will make if I survive this week with nothing more than mild damages to my mental health. And I did. I also bought a car.

How to stay young and keep it interesting

Lifelong learning has been touted as a great way to avoid age-related boredom or at least delay its onset and I can uncharacteristically confirm that this is true. It could be a foreign language, since it’s the easiest new thing to try, or it could be a physics course online.

I’ve tried both and they have definitely made my life more interesting though not necessarily easier and more stress-free. I still can’t get over Danish pronunciation much as I love it and I will never fully understand electricity, try as hard as I might. But it has been said that knowledge brings sadness so there’s that to keep me happy.

Alternatively, you can reacquaint yourself with a skill you used to have once upon a time and start practising it. This might require some expensive purchases such as a motor vehicle, which in turn leads to additional expenses such as insurance, oil changes, and winter tyres but, and this is the important but, the feeling of freedom, independence, and adultness it brings is worth it.

Survivor: the busiest week ever

I’ve never shied away from work. In my line of business, the more I do, the more I earn so I only say no to things I really, really don’t want to do because they would require sacrifices in time and effort I find unjustified. You could say I’ve grown to be a pampered freelancer and I regret nothing. Except forgetting that life had its ways to keep you in check.

Normally, I don’t do anything much besides work, except cook. This week, I had to attend the start of school year at Little C.’s school, I had to pay a total of three visits to the car dealer and, to end the week appropriately, Big C. and I had to spend around three ours at the traffic police to have the car checked and registered, and get her new number plates.

For those of you who remember the Kitchen Saga, let me say it could rival the Great Car Wait. One big difference, however, helped me survive that with the minimal damage of vaping just two extra cigarettes. The difference was I was prepared to wait for six hours. I had heard tales. I had seen pictures of endless lines of cars, all waiting to be checked and number-plated. So I did 90% of my work between 4:30 and 7:30 am, and was ready to begin The Wait.

Of course, once you prepare for something horrible the universe smirks in your face by making it a lot less horrible but I’m totally okay with that and if the universe could do it more often you will not hear me complain at all. Oh, yes, and good thing my car is a Mazda and not a German monster because those take twice the time to check since, apparently, they are the most attractive cars for thieves.

Total book despair

You know how sometimes you try very hard to grasp something and you keep failing? Just me? Okay, so, sometimes I try really hard to grasp something — electricity, for example, or sixty-six — and I keep failing until I give up with a sigh of exasperation. This is exactly what happened with book marketing this week because, despite all the busyness, I still had time for social media.

It was there that I discovered some people have developed formulaic expressions of the various factors at play for the success of a book. Number of Twitter followers was one and association with celebrities was another. Somewhere around factor #4, whose weight in the total was, I think 0.3, I decided it was high time I gave up on trying to understand this modern book marketing business that apparently requires writers to become MAs in marketing to make sure they sell some books.

I’m done with this. I’ll be promoting my books on this blog as I have been doing for years now, and I will keep tweeting whatever I feel like but calculations? Forget it. If the people who read my books like them enough they will leave a review and then other people will hear about the books and maybe read them, and that’s the kind of book marketing I like.


Speaking of book marketing, following are three Goodreads reviews of The Dreamer:

I bought Ms Slav’s book on Amazon. And I love it! The suspense, mystery, and supernatural elements in an engrossing storyline; the well-developed characters whose anguish I felt from the beginning to the end; the moving backstories of each of those characters; the awesome descriptions that put me in a fall/winter mood; the similes and metaphors of a brilliant writing style. Highly recommended!

This doesn’t really count since the author is a very close friend of mine and also an English major, hence the mention of similes and metaphors, but the fact she suffered with my characters for two whole days — her words, not mine — means her review deserves a place here.

Well, if you expect this to be the next story to spend several months on your nightstand or as an on and off weekend’s reading, you will be deeply disappointed. Just take two days off and get ready for some mystery, superpowers, favorite characters at first and not so at the end… But most of all, again, prepare to enter another of Irina’s great supernatural worlds that will leave you wondering for some time after you’ve finished the book what happens to those who survived after the clash of worlds and chaos.

This is from a regular reader who didn’t really like the ending, which she was honest enough to share with me. To this my reaction was along the lines of sorry, not sorry. They deserved that ending. Now she wants a trilogy.

I liked this book. Thomas is very interesting when you get to know him. There is a great combination of action, love, a little drama and an extraordinary twist in this story. There is the right amount of mythology to make it interesting, but without being annoying. Love it!

And I love the bit about mythology.

Should you choose to, you can buy The Dreamer here and here.


2 thoughts on “A Profound Look Back at the Week: September 13-19”

  1. One day, maybe, if I live to tell the tale, the Great Roofer Hunt. ( my job)
    They were Polish or Romanian, they seem to have vanished. Maybe gov.uk could explain. Book selling too… No celebrities, no signal, 10 km at least to tweet. Magic software costs over 100 dollars…

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