A Profound Look Back at the Week: July 12-18

It’s the middle of the summer in this part of the world. Mid-July, specifically, is called the Great Heat, which sounds a lot better in Bulgarian but I’m not used to translating BG-EN, so that’s all you get, I’m afraid. And because it is too hot to think of something potentially witty to write about, here’s a bunch of random pictures I’ve taken recently.





He really wanted to get there in order to start worrying how he’ll get down


The stairs to the Kazanlak Thracian Tomb, which, incidentally, feature prominently in Second Skin, which I might publish some day unless I forget. 


The cat that broke Little C.’s heart because we refused to take it in. (Pub cat. Why ruin its life of excess?)


Spiderman’s caterpillar, I’m sure of it.


We have it all, including all-natural ways of killing someone we don’t like.


This is how fantasy sagas start, I suspect. With a thorn forest or similar and a pinch of imagination. Then it needs tonnes of imagination, of course, but it all must start with just a pinch. And a thorn forest.


No idea what this is but it looks deadly enough to like.



Welcome to my book-peddling corner (because books won’t sell/download themselves much as I’d like them to).

For dragons and vampires, press The Lamiastriga (which you can’t read for free on this blog).

For a mystery featuring a vanishing plane, press Sky High (which you can read for free on this blog or on Kobo. I always appreciate feedback).

For random scary stories, here’s a complete list of my published shorter fiction.

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