Memo: Important

From: Boss

To: Muse team

Cc: Motivation, Implementation

Dear team,

I know you’ve been working hard over the last four years and I would like to first thank you for all your hard work in case I’ve failed to make my gratitude abundantly clear in the period.

Your efforts in idea generation have been spectacular, making the work of the Motivation department a lot more meaningful than it would have been otherwise. As I like to say, we are all one organism and what’s good for one part of it, is good for all.

This brings me to the reason I’m writing to you today and I will begin, if you don’t mind, with an extension of the organism metaphor. The trouble with good things is that sometimes there could be too much of a good thing and in our case, the amount of ideas generated has recently become a tiny little bit overwhelming for the Implementation team.

The boys and girls from Implementation are struggling to process the flow you are sending their way and there have been complaints about burnouts on the job. I’m sure you understand this is not an ideal situation for anyone involved.

I know your work means as much to you as it does to me. Without the ideas you generate there would be no business for any of the other departments in our little joint — except perhaps Motivation — but it would be a much smaller department and not at all as stellar as it is now.

But I also know that we all deserve a break from time to time and this is particularly true of Implementation where all your work and the work of Motivation and Constant Doubt takes final shape. By the way, now that I mentioned Constant Doubt, they’re complaining, too. They are getting increasingly short on time to doubt every idea you send them directly to be able to separate the winners from the losers. Please use the appropriate channel and send all your ideas to Motivation first.

Guys, I deeply appreciate everything that you’ve been doing. The ideas you have been generating have been all brilliant. Even the few exceptions that never made it to Implementation were great ideas in themselves. Yet, as I already mentioned, Implementation, unlike you, cannot operate around the clock and the calendar.

Implementation involves – I apologise for having to resort to crude materialism – the use of physical tools such as hands and external tools such as word processors. This greatly limits the amount of work they can do productively on a daily basis. Let me put it simply so we’re all sure we understand each other: if you don’t stop generating ideas we’ll all get swamped and nothing will get written.

I’ve chatted with some of you and it seems that we might have a solution to the problem we have on all our hands. Those that I chatted with assured me that while it is impossible to reduce the flow of inspiration and even if it was possible it would be risky, you could try to filter the ideas that come with it. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we would all be if you would do that.

I realise – we all do – that this would be taxing since all the ideas you’ve been generating have been brilliant — which I’m sure I already mentioned but a little extra appreciation never hurts anyone — and now you will be forced to pick and choose between many brilliant ideas. Yet I assure you it’s vital that we change some things around here to avoid burnouts and ultimately the closure of the factory we operate all together. If one team goes under, we all go under and I really don’t want to see this happening.

Keep up the great work you all do and always remember I’m so grateful for having you and I appreciate everything you do. We won’t be able to distribute bonuses this year for reasons of the pandemic, which has caused persistent stress, but I’am sure next year will be better.




2 thoughts on “Memo: Important”

  1. According to that agent who almost crushed me, using one kind of physical tool – PC/ word processor, fatally compromised creativity. We didn’t discuss the status of pens or pencils.
    Motivation: Am I motivated to transform the garage into a bunk-barn ?
    Only way friends will be allowed to visit.

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