A Profound Look Back at the Week: November 9-15

I’m having another profound look in pictures because it’s been a hell of a week and I’m still recuperating from it. Nothing major, just superbusy, stressful and generally unpleasant. The new normal. So here are some autumn pictures. If you’re sick of autumn pictures because of overindulgence, sorry!

Hopps growing near the entrance to the Sofia University Faculty of Chemistry. However, they have failed to utilise it. I know. I checked with a friend who teaches there. What a loss.

Some tree or other. I’ve taken a lot of tree pictures in the last couple of weeks and I still haven’t had enough. I find looking at autumn trees stress-relieving.

A path to adventure or stairs to nowhere. In fact, stairs at Little C.’s school. For me, that part of the grounds is one of the school’s major advantages over all other schools.

The reds are especially lovely, as always. No idea why but it might be because red seems like an unnatural colour for a tree leaf so when they do turn red they’re mesmerising. Or I’ve just had too much autumn already, that could be it, too.

Confused snail. Little C. made me take a picture of it. Adding it for no particularly profound reason other than snails are profound creatures. Think self-sufficiency.

The start of morning rush hour. Only no one is rushing because they’re working from home and their children are studying remotely. An apocalyptic image if ever I’ve captured one. But in a nice way, minus the zombie hordes or piles of bodies.

No idea why I took this other than it looked profound in a beyond-words kind of way.

Profound Meme for Next Week

4 thoughts on “A Profound Look Back at the Week: November 9-15”

  1. A very fine cat. Our next cat, or even cats, should be a tabby, brown, grey, silver
    Key reason why we didn’t get a new cat was our holiday, in Scotland, 21 – 28 November. Unfair to place straight in a cattery.
    Instead of Scotland, we have Lockdown 2 – and no cat…

    Wonderful reds – Here, it rained so much, the autumn colours were poor… Washed out ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love tabbies. For us the choice was grey and black-and-orange, but we wanted a male, so we ended up with a cat you can accessorise with anything.
      Can’t you get a chit for needing an emotional support animal? Would’ve probably worked in the U.S.
      You know it may be the rain. We haven’t had much. Makes you think…


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