A Profound Look Back at the Week: May 4-8

May is in full swing after a few false steps necessitating the unseasonal use of the heating and all is reasonably well. Bars and restaurants have opened their gardens and people have crawled out. It could’ve been worse.

The aristocratic life

You know how in many books and films about Victorian and Edwardian Britain the aristocrats living in their country estates sometimes pop into London to take care of some boring business before returning to their private paradises? Yeah, that’s exactly how I felt this week.

I didn’t even take care of business. I went to my accountants’ office to sign my financial report (I’m the sole owner of my company, which is why my friends call me an oligarch. You can call me Ollie) but some technical something made it impossible to print the thing so I left empty-handed. Ironically, this time, unlike last year, I hadn’t forgotten my seal (I need to sign and seal the report, it’s a very snobbish and official affair) Talk about bad luck.

It does feel, especially during this season, that we’re visiting rather than staying. Everyone is visiting, before they rush to various seasides and mountain resorts. Sofia is actually great in the summer. It’s got a third of its autumn/winter population. The air is breathable (unless a heat wave hits which is when no air is breathable). Now that we’re done with our boring business (I did my report remotely and tech cooperated this time), we’re off to our own private little heaven. The checkpoints are really down. I made a point of checking, if you excuse the lame pun.

The temporally challenged

There is nothing I hate besides double standards but there is something that annoys the hell out of me and that’s not having any sense of time. I know people who struggle to be on time but at least they try. Then there are those who completely disregard the facts of time and treat it as a chewing gum they can stretch as much as they like.

Little C’s teachers are all brilliant, caring individuals. Except one. She has no regard for time and she appears to be incapable of scheduling a lesson even a day in advance so the other day the kids had a surprise full astronomical hour of applied programming (yes, applied programming in Grade 2. I guess it’s the new normal) from 2 to 3 in the afternoon. For context, regular classes last 20 minutes to limit screen time and they are over by noon. I was one unhappy mother who had a lot of words to say to the teacher on the topic of time management. I didn’t, of course, but I had them all lined up and ready to go if that class had progressed beyond 3:04 pm.

I understand teachers are extra busy at this time. They have a year to wrap and they have to wrap it online. I understand being a deputy headmistress besides teaching second graders the basics of programming could be additionally taxing. But I just can’t stand time mismanagement of such proportions. There is always a way to organise yourself. There is always a way to leave early for work so you don’t end up half an hour late. In short, there is always a way to avoid being annoying.

Also I think that particular lady is abusing her position as a deputy headmistress to get her way, which is doubly annoying. And I can’t vent in front of Little C because authority challenging and stuff. That’s triply annoying. How swell it is that the school year ends in… oh crap, there’s three whole weeks to go.

The idiot in the kitchen

I messed up the sourdough bread again yesterday. I also discovered with no small amount of shock that my measuring cup is wrong in the flour section. Its 500 g mark is in fact at 350 g, which I found out by using the cup together with the scales, can’t really remember why. Conclusion 1: scales are essential in the kitchen. Conclusion 2: I should start a vlog about non-professional cooking, failures and all.

I don’t know about you, but last time I watched a cooking video I got depressed by the spotless kitchen, the pro stove and, oh gods, the measures on a key chain, from a cup to, I guess, 1/12 cup or something, all identically shaped and shiny, and lovely. This is way over what I could reasonably expect to ever achieve in my kitchen even if I remodel it. So I was thinking about a vlog about normal cooking with normal tools such as an actual cup (coffee cup; teacup) and non-brand products and cutlery.

I’m sure it would be a hit despite my accent, which these days is all over the place except maybe New Zealand and South Africa. It would be so much more relatable than all those sparkly videos of sparkly people in sparkly kitchens making chef-grade sparkly brownies. And it would be about simple stuff, such as Breadmaking for Total Beginners, Complete with a Short Course in Kneading. Kneading, in case you didn’t know, is a form of exercise. It’s good for you in more than one way.

So I’m thinking about doing things like that. Bread. Some basic desserts. Oh, and local cuisine. There aren’t enough recipes from the Balkans made available to the wider world, are there? That’s sorted, then. I may have been just a tiny little bit inspired by the fact Big C is working on a culinary map of Bulgaria complete with recipes and videos. Yes, it’s in Bulgarian and this is frustrating but that won’t stop me from bragging about Big C’s work and I hope they’ll make an English version.

So, as you can see I’ve been keeping myself busy and trying to find ways to keep busier, no clear idea why except it would be fun. Also, I have a manuscript that I am actively procrastinating on, so… Anything but editing.


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