The Fashion Editor

YoYoanna is one of those rare individuals who were born to do something specific and were smart enough to realise it early on and work to achieve it. She’s a complete encyclopedia of dresses, suits, shoes and whatnot when it comes to red carpets, and she’s also shockingly well versed in hot TV series and films. Plus she reads voraciously, whenever she finds the time. A true media girl and intelligent, at that.


In a few words, what exactly do you do?

I work as a fashion editor in, a Bulgarian lifestyle website. I cover all things fashion: news, trends, shopping tips, fashion weeks, celebrity style and my favourite – red carpets!

Why do you love your job?

Fashion has been an obsession for me for a long time now and even when I worked in a travel agency that was all I read about in my spare time. When I found that Attica Media is looking for editors for a new website, I immediately applied because I’ve been a fan of their magazines since high school. I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to write about the things I like and to use my knowledge about brands and celebrities because, let’s be honest, there is no other job where I can do that! Now I can still read about designers, couture collections, etc., but not just for fun. The other part of my job that I love is meeting new people and the interesting events that I got to attend.

Is there anything you’d rather do?

I’ve always wanted to work in a magazine, so maybe a fashion and lifestyle editor in a magazine is that thing. The other thing is something in a TV channel, but not as a news reporter, more like in a programme about movies, shows and books.

What’s your most terrible work experience?

As I said I’ve been on this job for a short time so I haven’t had such experience. Maybe when I get nervous about an interview or an article that I wrote about someone, or when I start wondering if I made a mistake about something, and things like that.

And you dream about?

Travelling! I want to travel more in Bulgaria and abroad but time is never enough. I also want to live somewhere else for a bit, just to see how it is. And to have more free time to read more books and meet with my friends, because recently it’s been hard to find the balance between work and friends, family, hobbies and all the other things I want to do.

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