The Visual Effects Artist

MuryMury has been CGI-ing actively for some time now and she says she loves it, which doesn’t stop her from complaining about the inadequacies of some of the people she has to work with. And by the way, she does her work in passing from one part of Europe to another, she’s literally unstoppable when it comes to travelling.

In a few words, what exactly do you do?

I make visual effects for movies. All the CGI creatures, fires, explosions and all the other things that you don’t see when you watch a movie.

Why do you love your job?

I love it because it gives me the opportunity to do what I love – drawing, maybe not in the classical way, but still. Every day it challenges me with new problems to solve and new things to learn. For example, one of the most terrifying and at the same time most proud moments was learning how to animate a living creature. It was quite a challenge because I’d never done anything like this before and I was very pleased with the final result, regardless of a few awful first attempts. This was for a movie, where the main character was a crocodile gone rogue. Actually, it became more interesting in time, because after a few months we made another movie with the same croc, but it had become a robot …

Is there anything you’d rather do?

Not really. This work keeps me interested and there’s not a moment of boredom because the topics and the shots I have to do are always different. Sometimes crocodiles, sometimes muzzle flashes, tornadoes, creatures eating some poor girl’s guts*… Never gets dull.

What’s your most terrible work experience?

Nothing’s been terrible so far, but I get annoyed quite often by little misunderstandings. Like a few shots I had to do for our last movie. At first, the job seemed easy but it turned out that neither the director nor our supervisor knew what the other one wanted or even cared. So, as a result, I had to do almost the same thing about five or six times. Oh, the horror …

And you dream about?

Travelling the world. I really want to do that. I’ve always been happiest when I’m on the road. I love exploring new cities and tastes, so I do everything that I can to fulfill this dream.

*DP Note: This here is a person who never watches horror movies because she’s chicken, just so you know.

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