Why I never iron

by Irina Slav

Two reasons: I don’t need disinfecting my clothes because I have a washing machine that does that, and I find this absolutely the most tedious thing a person could do to waste their time.

Oh, yes, there’s this fresh and warm smell but face it, it goes away after five minutes so don’t wax lyrical about it. Disinfection? I admit that for a short time I succumbed to people’s advices to iron everything my newborn would wear, but, people, ironing fifty tiny baby clothes when it’s 200 degrees outside and there no AC in the room is nothing short of living hell. So I gave it up very soon and, guess what, nothing happened to the baby. As for my clothes, I try to get fabrics that don’t need ironing and, yes, I know some of you think there is NO fabric that does not need ironing, Shetland wool included.

I remember when I was a child I simply loved everything about ironing. I loved the smell, I loved how my mum’s movements made the creased shirt all smooth and straight, and I eagerly helped with handkerchiefs, I was so proud of myself… Well, what can I say, we live and learn. In my childhood I also loved dusting, something I seriously hate now because it’s just another waste of time. It’s all about capacity, I suppose. At five, I didn’t have the capacity to sit and read, or smoke, or have a beer, or make a cake, so I had to do what I could to entertain myself. Not the case any more. Oh, yes, I forgot — no Internet back then, so sad. Or maybe not, but that’s life.

Since I consider myself a reasonable person, I’m perfectly clear that there will come a day when something will need to be ironed, what with a growing little girl around. History from the last 15 year remembers days when I have had to iron a skirt or two, but that’s about it. I could live with that and no more.  Until another of these days comes, the iron will stay in its box and I will remain without a functional ironing board. You, of course, can go on wasting your time and arguing that you can read and iron simultaneously. Seriously, can you?

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